About us

About Us

We’re one of the UK’s fastest growing gaming companies, aiming to make an impact in the gaming space - serving thousands of gamers across the UK.

We believe that gamers are the backbone of this industry. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love each and every day. With competitive pricing, swift and free delivery on offer for hundreds of products, it’s our goal to make the thrill of games available to everyone in the easiest manner possible.

Our history

Founded in 2018, we started as a small team, passionate about gaming and providing the best experience for gamers across the UK. We felt that the industry was dominated by giants, and was in need of a company that truly cared about players, not profit.

Since then, we’ve gone from a small team to a name with thousands of customers. With constantly evolving product ranges and plans to expand our horizons, we’re only just getting started.

Our fast growth has fostered a community that sustains us, keeping us grounded and focused on providing the best experiences for customers across the UK and beyond.

We know that this industry is dominated by a small number of large companies, who have dominated the gaming space virtually since its conception. While these companies have shaped the industry, we felt that these huge corporations were too impersonal and focused solely on customers.

We aim to provide a more community-focused experience, fueled by gamers, for gamers. With free shipping, swift delivery times and an excellent customer service, we pride ourselves on what makes us different- a concerted effort to make gaming a seamless experience.