Baobabs Mausoleum: Grindhouse Edition

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Follow the FBI agent Watracio Walpurgis in his adventures trying to escape from this eerie and gooey village. Meet terrifying and misterious inhabitants; break up your brain to solve puzzles in the most hilarious and surrealistic situations; defeat the Wendigo; get mad with cosmic laser chickens; escape from monsters that go out at night searching for UFOs to eat; discover thousands of secrets…

  • Discover a retro point and click adventure in J-RPG format that you will never forget.
  • Interrogate the inhabitants and be careful with the townat night… the Ovnifagos will go after you!
  • Terror and mysterious characters are waiting for you… Welcome to Flamingo’s Creek.
  • Will you solve the final mystery?

  • Baobabs Mausoleum Grindhouse edition includes
  • Complete Game (With all Baobabs Mausoleum episodes)
  • Flamingo’s Creek Map
  • Tourist Guide
  • Exclusive Card Game
  • Watracio Pin
  • Country Postcards
  • 8bit Stickers Set
  • Special Case