Evo Labs HC-01 Webcam and Headset Chatpack, 640x480, USB 2.0 Webcam with 30fps, photo and video capture, 3.5mm Headset with Volume Control and Adjustable Microphone

Evo Labs Webcam and headset bundle. Perfect for home working, home office uses for video calls. Supplied in retail packaging

Bundle includes:
Evo Labs Headband Headset with adjustable microphone - 3.5mm connection
Evo Labs 480p Webcam camera - USB Connection with monitor clip/stand

3.5MM*2 jack.with volume control and adjustable microphone.

UVC solution, hardware 30W, default resolution 640*480.
External microphone
Supports Windows XP & above
Speed rate: 30fps/s in usb mode.
Recommended resolution: 640*480
Output format: USB2.0 USES uncompressed YUY2 or MJPG.
Interface type: USB2.0 compatible with USB1.1
Illumination requirements: the best illumination is 150Lux, the lowest illumination is 2Lux.
Imaging range: 70cm-90cm.
Scintillation control: 50HZ or 60HZ
Static image capture format: BMP/JPEG/PNG.
Dynamic image capture storage format: AVI/WMV.
Operating temperature: -10-40 degrees.
USB transmission specification: USB2.0
SENSOR type: COMS1/6 color chip
Lens: the 3 p"