LG G4 32GB Mobile Phone


The LG G4 builds on LG’s solid reputation for making great quality phones at incredibly valuable prices. If you’re looking for a reliable, impressive daily driver, without paying a premium price - this is the phone you’ve been looking for

If you’re looking for value in your phone, the LG G4 is the handset for you. At a budget price, it packs an incredible 16MP camera, so you don’t miss any of life’s most precious moments - along with a stunning 5.5” IPS display.  With a screen to body ratio of over 72%, this is a taste of flagship design without going near the flagship price range.

Featuring up to Android 7,0 (Nougat), with LG UX 4 UI on top, the G4 is a breeze to use. In the absence of annoying bloatware, and packed with incredible features - this is a phone that’s optimised for performance. Whether it’s work or play, using the G4 is entirely seamless. 

For those who love to store all their apps, music and memories in one place - the 32GB storage is perfect. What’s more, you can choose to expand your capacity with a MicroSD card to fit your needs.

This truly is the perfect phone for almost anyone.