LG G5 32GB Mobile Phone


LG has long been known to make high-quality budget phones. If you’re looking for something that has both work and personal lives covered, at an incredible price - the LG G5 is the phone for you. Sporting a 5.3” display, and packed with features to make your life a breeze - you’d be missing out if you didn’t consider the G5.

Running up to Android 8.0 (Oreo) with LG UX 5 UI on top, the G5 brings you everything you need, without going overboard. WE know that bloatware can be annoying, and everything built into this phone is useful. You can say goodbye to useless software you don’t need.

What’s more, featuring 4GB RAM and a Snapdragon 820 processor, this is one of the fastest phones you’ll see at this price range. Whether you use your phone a lot for work, or enjoy keeping in touch with loved ones - these components have you covered. The 2600mAh battery ensures that you’ll get through the day on a single charge. This is the ideal phone for heavy users.

The G5 features 32GB of storage, which is more than enough to store all the photos you take with the incredible 16MP rear-facing camera. This is the complete phone, doubling as a great camera to capture all of life’s most precious moments.