LG G8 ThinQ 128GB Mobile Phone


The G8 ThinQ from LG is a true daily driver. A premium build quality, incredible features and a first class user experience all combine to make something new. From the display to the camera, this phone brings everything to the table - rivalling the household names in mobile phones.

With a 6.1” P-OLED display, photos and videos look as crisp as can be - ideal for anyone who enjoys consuming visual content - it’s perfect for the photographers among us. What’s more, with a nearly 84% screen to body ratio, you can enjoy all the screen real estate without extending the phone’s footprint. This keeps things portable.

With two rear-facing cameras, you’ll always get the shot. Whether it;s a wide angle group shot, or something a little more focussed - the G8 is always by your side to capture the moment. To contain all these stunning images, the 128GB capacity is perfect. However, if you need even more space, there’s always the microSD card slot to expand.

The G8 ThinQ is water resistant up to 1.5m for 30 minutes, ensuring that your phone is kept safe at all times. It’s the phone for everyday life.