Samsung Galaxy A40 64GB Mobile Phone


The Samsung Galaxy A40 is a solid combination of quality, budget and portability. If you’re looking for a new work phone or daily driver - this phone will do the heavy lifting you need. Running Android 9.0 (Pie), the A40 does it all, from gaming to emails and watching films, everything is easier on the Galaxy A40. Featuring 64GB of storage, this phone has more than enough space for all your apps, music and memories. What’s more, with an expandable microSD card slot, you’ll never run out of room.

The A40 features an 85% body to screen ratio, so you have all the screen room you need while keeping the phone comfortable in your hand. The 5.9” Super AMOLED display keeps colours vibrant and pictures sharp. This is a great phone for viewing photos or films - it’s perfect for entertainment.

On top of this, the 16MP rear-facing camera is always there when you need it. For those moments that need savouring, the A40 can be the perfect companion. Each image is captured in incredible quality, ready for sharing online or in person.

Overall, whether it’s your first phone or a new daily driver - the A40 delivers high-quality performance on a budget. You get far more than what you pay.