Samsung Galaxy A50 64GB Mobile Phone


The Samsung Galaxy A50 gives you premium phone quality, without the premium price tag. With a stunning display, lightning-fast speeds and incredible build quality, this is the phone you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re looking for a work phone or a daily driver that doesn’t break the bank - the A50 is an incredibly valuable option.

Featuring an 85% screen body ratio, the A50 keeps things comfortable: ensuring you have maximum portability without sacrificing screen space. The 6.4” Super AMOLED panel is great for everything from emails to video consumption. Whether you use your phone for work or play, the A50 is there for you.

With 64GB of storage, you’ll never run out of space for your apps, music or memories. If you’re someone who needs a little extra capacity, the microSD card slot gives you space to expand to fit your needs - you’ll never run out of room.

The 25MP rear-facing camera ensures that you capture every pixel of life’s most precious moments. We believe that you should never miss moments that should be savoured - and the A50 ensures you have a great camera on hand.

So what are you waiting for? The Galaxy A50 is the perfect phone for anyone looking for an upgrade.