Samsung Galaxy Note 3 16GB Mobile Phone


From work to play, the Galaxy Note series has always been a great option for those who value versatility. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is no different. Featuring everything you need in a quality smartphone, plus the classic Galaxy Note stylus, this phone has something for everyone. From taking notes in meetings to writing your shopping list, the Note 3 lets you streamline your life and focus on what’s important.

The 5.7” 1080p screen gives you more than enough space to see everything at once. A super AMOLED display ensures that you get a quality viewing experience - with sharp colors and brightness that works everywhere.

Android 5.0 Lollipop keeps everything running smoothly, providing the perfect platform for all your needs - from messages to photos to music.

If you love capturing the best of life’s moments, the 13MP camera ensures you always have a quality camera to hand. With vibrant, detailed images, you’ll be savouring the best moments in high-definition. Capturing 2160p images - you’ll never miss a pixel.

From work phone to daily driver, the Note 3 does it all. It’s a note taker, a messenger, and most of all, always there when you need it.