Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB Mobile Phone - Black


Innovative and simple to use, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is definitely for the creative multi-tasker. The Infinity Display is an exciting feature providing an excellent overview and plenty of room to use the S Pen. The aspect ratio of 18.5:9 is ideal for multitasking! You can work on two apps simultaneously by turning on the multi-window mode. Open up two apps at the same time by utilising the app pair feature.

With this feature, you can easily listen to music and time yourself while working out or take notes while browsing the internet. You can even take notes without activating your Note8 by simply flicking the S Pen and attaching the note to the phone’s Always-On Display. An essential tool when taking notes is a pen, and the S Pen is like no other. With a 0.7mm fine point, it is precise and clean, allowing you to write and draw accurately.

With its 4096 pressure levels and a sensitive tip to touch, you can make fine or broad strokes just like a brush! Furthermore, channel your inner creative self with the S Pen that enables you to make your own GIFs and emojis. For a real masterpiece, there is a wide range of brushes, pens and colors for sketching and creating. The pen and phone are both dust and water protected after IP Certification. Another outstanding feature of the phone is its dual camera with a Dual Optical Image Stabiliser. With a 2x optical zoom lens, you can zoom in on objects without experiencing the blurred effect thanks to the optical image stabiliser. Another exciting feature is the Bokeh effect, which lets you highlight objects or people in a unique way. There are many more unique features contained within the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


16.25 × 7.48 × 0.86 cm


6.3" Super AMOLED


Li-Ion, 3300 mAh


12MP, 2160p




Exynos 8895