Samsung Galaxy 16gb S3


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best loved phones of the last decade. Now it offers a great option for anyone who needs a budget phone for work or personal use. For those who want an escape from the large phones of today, the smaller form factor gives this phone unparalleled portability. The candy-bar inspired shape makes things easy to hold and a breeze to use.

The 4.8” super AMOLED display gives you a quality viewing experience, without sacrificing usability. With crisp colors and a high definition, you won’t miss anything on the S3.

The 16GB capacity gives you plenty of room to store everything you need. For those who want a little extra storage, the microSD card slot ensures that you’ll never run out of room.

The Galaxy S3 comes ready to be used straight out of the box. Coming sealed with a wall plug, USB cable, a manual and earphones - you won’t waste a minute before enjoying your new phone. The headphone jack makes it super easy to use both wired and bluetooth headphones.

Featuring an 8MP camera, your phone will always be on hand to capture life’s best moments. You won’t miss a thing, simply take your phone out and start snapping away.