Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB Mobile Phone


Sleek, modern and effortless style - the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the ideal combination of looks and functionality. As a former flagship device, the S6 Edge is a superb option for those who want a premium phone at a non-premium price.

With a 5.1” Super AMOLED display that wraps around the front of the phone, it seems as though this screen goes on forever. This allows you to see more of what’s on-screen, combined with that extra bit of flair. From style to functionality, the S6 does it all.

The glass back and front, the build quality is first class. You’ll feel confident with an elegant, durable device in your hand. It’ll definitely turn heads.

The 16MP camera takes images in 2160p, allowing you to capture every pixel of life’s precious moments in glorious detail. With the S6 edge in your pocket, you’ll never be without a camera on hand.

32GB storage capacity allows you to save all your apps, music and memories - ample room for all your precious data. What’s more, coming fully boxed with a USB cable, wall plug and earphones - this phone is ready to go straight away.